Ed Fox

Speculation that an artificle brain is only a decade from reality

Considering the chaos of nature

It recently occured to me in some way, despite it being somewhat obvious. That learning in general is easier to conceive if emotions are applied to any given context. If an individual is bored by a certain topic and can find no emotional attactment, its unlikely that they will learn in a very good capacity. An example of my own experience is this is the way ive recently begun to play chess. Chess being a game with infinite possibilities of combinations and is difficult because of the amount of stress on memory as well as needing to predict future combinations. Grandmasters will be able to visualise upto 5 or more turns ahead. I began to deal with this by giving characters to the peices on the board, these characters then have relationships with each other. specific (tactical) companionships with friendly peices and angst towards rival peices. Hence mountains of information becomes very intuitive by analysing not the game but the drama of it.

Now as i start to put my mind into words
I stall I fall I’m loosing it all, my inhibitions
The thought of wasting a way
The fact that the music’s at a place not far away
Yet I stray and stick to my world
In love with my life my beliefs and a girl
Is it luck that I love this crazy place, the human race?
Don’t get me wrong I still think we could change
But this life and the fact that time exists
And were here and we don’t come equipped with it all
Half the fun is learning and I’m having a ball
While the world keeps turning my role is small
But I’ll make a change
I hope you’re feeling the same way
I hope you’re seeing what I say
Dub Fx